UnitedCalls is a Florida-based Sales and Customer Service Contact Center for hire firm that specializes in customizable business development solutions for your business or non-profit. We can provide remote receptionists, order takers, help desk and support personnel.

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We provide a seamless and scalable call center solution that allows you to expand your customer services even though you have reached the maximum capacity for onsite resources. We'll add character to every call, acting as your agent, while your business thrives.

Outsourcing Solutions for Your Business

Outsourcing your customer communication strategies to an expert contact center will return significant gains in service quality, office productivity and company profits.


Word Wide Customers

Our blended contact center enables your organization to optimize both outbound and inbound call center activities so as to maximally utilize resources in alignment with your business goals.


24/7 Support

For 24/7 customer support, a virtual call center is a viable option for handling the load and improving your customer service reputation.


Awesome Team

When you need professionalism in a voice behind your brand, we act as your agent at every turn in an attractive, scalable call center solution.


Deliveries &amp;amp; Collection

You meet cyclical market demands with highly responsive call center services in which no customer goes unnoticed


Creating personalized and relevant dialogue throughout the entire customer journey!

Looking for Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Solution?

UNITED Calls customer service experts have been fully trained to know and understand our customer’s businesses and take pride in answering their calls accurately and efficiently.

Help Desk Experts

Our specialized agents are highly trained in soft skills and CRM techniques necessary to provide top-level assistance. We thoroughly train our agents on your products and services and integrate our help-trees and ticket reporting with your CRM database

Application Support Service

We work with a number of companies on a variety of different software. Our team of trained professionals work with each company to provide the perfect experience required for each customer request. Our help desk services can provide a boost to your company. It can allow your team to focus on other aspects of the business including new product development & L2 or L3 assistance. Our team can provide the freedom you need to continue to grow.

Call Center Services Agility

United Calls is far more nimble than our competition in the call center outsourcing industry. Whether it's call center customer service or an appointment scheduling program, we can typically discuss opportunities and challenges, determine courses of action and implement solutions while our competitors are still in the discussion phase.United Calls offers a horizontal call center management structure and empower our dedicated call center employees. We do everything possible to maintain and develop every customer relationship for our clients and believe that our flexible and responsive nature helps ensure the success of our clients' programs.

24/7/365 Customer Service Outsourcing

Each person on our team is trained to deliver exceptional customer service. Every call and every customer is treated with high importance. From taking an order to handling an important financial transaction, our team members are ready to provide the best support around the clock.

Great team

Ensuring that all outsourcing services are of the highest quality is our top priority. As part of call center outsourcing services, we also offer quality monitoring services, performed by a separate quality assurance team that keeps track of critical error accuracy, customer satisfaction and other quality requirements, and provides regular reports about each client’s quality metrics.

Call Center Service Quality Metrics

UnitedCalls can also provide call center outsourcing services that comply with various quality metrics and end customer satisfaction benchmarks, which are closely monitored and analyzed in order to ensure excellent service quality.

Multichannel Live Chat Customer Service

As part of a dedicated program, live-chat can be an integral channel to communicating with your customers. UnitedCalls brand specialists use our advanced training and technology to interact with customers quickly and effectively.

Be Proactive With Your Site Visitors!

The millenial shoppers of today increasingly expect more and greater customer service for their interactions. Extensive research has shown that the millenial generation on average spends more time on the web and has greater ecommerce activity outside of normal operating hours. Partnering with UnitedCalls can help your company reach those important customers and the revenue associated with what might have been missed sales.

Make order processing more convenient

UnitedCalls offers round-the-clock order processing using a variety of support formats including phone, chat and email. We will interface directly with your existing order entry system through a secure web connection. Or, we can process orders for you, and securely transmit order data to you or your fulfillment vendor at a pre-scheduled time each day. Our agents can handle virtually any type of inbound sales call and will always treat your callers to friendly, accurate and fast service.

Expand your business with 24/7 Order Processing

In addition to processing your orders, our agents will be fully trained and prepared to answer a variety of questions that your customers may have about your products. Allow us to quickly provide accurate information that will help assure your orders are completed. Contact us today and discover how you can start building longer, more profitable customer relationships.

Third Party Verification Services

We provide live-agent inbound and outbound third party verification (TPV) on a 24/7/365 basis. Third party verification uses a professional live operator and voice log technology to create an audible sound file recording for each of your critical customer transactions.

Inbound and Outbound Third Party Verification Capabilities

Transfer your live calls to UnitedCalls for immediate TPV processing using standard conference calling functionality. Or, have UnitedCalls promptly contact your customers moments after receiving an order confirmation via email, fax, FTP or web browser update. UnitedCalls provides a critical human component to every TPV call we process. People want to do business with people, not machines.

Sale Support Call Center

At UnitedCalls , we’re fully aware that a customer’s post-purchase experience is just as important as the experience leading up to the point of purchase. UnitedCalls offers post-sale call center services that support many scenarios. For instance, if a customer wants to return a product because of a deficiency, we can make sure your return procedures are followed. Certain troubleshooting protocols must be followed to ensure that the product is genuinely factory-deficient and not faulty because of incorrect operation.

Sale Support Call Center Services

If a customer expresses their complete satisfaction throughout your product’s lifecycle, UnitedCalls can follow up with them to get their exact feedback on their experience. Following up on this kind of information is priceless as it allows businesses to perfect their products and services even more in the future. Finding out how things went right, often helps in finding out why things went wrong. Adequate measurable product feedback is priceless, especially when you have a detailed Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) that allows you to pin-point critical issues and investigate individual cases further.

Safeguard Your Reputation

Brand reputation is everything. Our highly trained and professional Order Processing Agents ensure an exceptional customer experience by delivering immediate assistance to all inquiries. With the tremendous growth of eCommerce and online transactions, a personalized approach is needed to not only safeguard your brand and reputation, but to increase it.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

UnitedCalls continually reevaluate our operations for innovative and incremental process improvements to adapt to the changing marketplace, suppliers, shipping vendors and best practices. Through a continuous feedback loop, we participate with you and your team in building an industry-leading reliable set of turn-key solutions.


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