Outbound Calls

Lead Generation

UnitedCalls is one of the most experienced B2B call center outsourcing companies in the industry. We are experts in B2B lead generation and developing qualified prospect opportunities to generate new business.

Customer Win-Back

UnitedCalls outbound customer services can motivate inactive customers to take a fresh look at your products and services. And we do it at maximized efficiency, delivering at an impressively low per-opportunity rate.

Satisfaction Surveys

We will quickly canvas hundreds of accounts, generating data invaluable to any market-driven company. In the process, we also identify decisions makers and uncover companies ready to buy your products.


Our cross-selling and up-selling techniques are designed to upgrade existing customers to their new line of products and services. Our trained team of professionals strictly monitor these metrics and KPI’s to effectively generate more revenue.

Outbound Calls


{Outbound Call Center Services}

The outbound call center service offers your company a team of well trained agents to initiate calls towards current or potential customers. The purpose of these calls might be increasing the service quality, generating revenue trough sales campaigns or maintaining cash flow trough payment reminder campaigns.

Telemarketing & Telesales

Increase the sales!

The Telemarketing and Telesales outbound services implies direct phone contact between the agent and customer or prospect, in order to promote the products or services, and finalizing the sale. We offer you support in contacting the direct aimed persons and companies, and we professionally promote the advantages and the benefits of your products and services.

Telephone Surveys

Find out the information you need!

With the aid of the Survey service, you can periodically find out information from existing customers or prospects, based on which you can conduct complex analysis to help you increase the sales or your customer’s satisfaction level.  The information can be adapted so that you can analyze the results and identify the market trends, as well as the customers’ perception.

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Create new sales opportunities!

Identifying the interest of potential customers towards a product or a service, allowing to plan meetings between the sales agents and the prospects that can turn into customers. Valoris agents contact the potential customers, qualifying them according to your requests; they create a specific action model and plan, by request, the acquisition meetings. Then, they transfer all this information to your sales team.

Payment Reminder

Keep the payment flow balance!

The payment reminder service was created and developed to assure the payment flow constancy by decreasing the customers’ late payments. Our agents contact the customers that are late with the bill payments and negotiate new deadlines, pursuing the recovery of the whole amount, in the shortest period of time. We keep a payment timetable and we also monitor the results of the actions.


In addition, our outbound sales agents are tightly managed to ensure key metrics are hit and that the project meets our clients’ needs. We manage the project and provide feedback so that our service fits seamlessly into your day to day operations.  This way we make and manage the calls so they enhance rather than interrupt your company’s operations.

UnitedCalls provides professional, competent live agents for a variety of business process outsourcing needs. Whether you need outbound call center support for high-volume, planned sessions or require a long-term solution for your outbound call center services, we have what you need. Give us a call today!